GUIDE Culture® Podcast

Clarifying Your Beliefs

October 05, 2021 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 163
GUIDE Culture® Podcast
Clarifying Your Beliefs
Show Notes

In business, the word belief is thrown around a lot and feels very general. So much so that you might not really know what it means or you gloss over it without giving it much thought.

A few months ago, we held an event at GC HQ called 3x Your Leads where we dove into this idea of belief in a few different ways and recently received a DM from an attendee asking:

"I love what you guys said about believing in yourself, product and it's value and KNOWING that it will work for someone. My question is - what if it doesn't and/or what do you do if it doesn't and how might that impact your belief?"

In this episode, Kat answers this question about belief from 3 different standpoints: belief in yourself, your product and your products value.

You probably already know that you need belief in each of those things, and if you have a business or plan to have one one day, you likely ALREADY have certain beliefs.

For that reason, this episode is going to be geared more toward managing, navigating and clarifying what you believe in a manner that is professional and gets people bought-in with you!


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