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Follow Up Flow

March 09, 2021 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 123
School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®
Follow Up Flow
Show Notes

Have you ever been told that the “fortune is in the follow up?”

Butttt you feel like fortune, is in fact, NOT in the follow up because either: 

  1. people don’t respond 👻 OR 
  2. they fall through the cracks (because let’s admit it, it can be easy to forget to follow up)

Here at GC, we feel pretty strongly about follow ups, because the data from our last launch showed us what following up can do (we share these hard facts in this episode)!

The truth is: fortune IS in the follow up - when you actually follow up and when you do it correctly!

In this episode, Macy and Kat share a few common beliefs around follow ups that they've  recently heard from our high level students (you might be thinking these too) and give insight to how you can think differently about follow ups so that they become a key part in your sales.

They've also created a FREE resource for you - The Follow Up Flow Method that you can access HERE! This resource won't be free for long, so grab it while you can and implement right away.