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How to Have Repeatable $10K Conversations

October 11, 2023 Macy McNeely & Kathryn Shubert Episode 356
School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®
How to Have Repeatable $10K Conversations
Show Notes


You asked, we listened.  Kat recorded her LIVE webinar on Monday and it's here in audio format.

Our team is experiencing a momentum unlike anything before. And I attribute it to this one thing:

We are reading the same exact books. What this really means is we are specifically aiming at the exact same thing.

I saw a speaker demonstrate the power of this with a flashlight, laser beam and balloon.

He took a flashlight, which represented people aiming at multiple things, and shined it on the balloon.

Nothing happened.

He took the laser beam, representing everyone aiming at the same thing, pointing it to a balloon and the room filled with a thunderous POP.

Energy aiming at one thing is wildly powerful.

And this is the very reason you should share this podcast with your business besties who NEED to hear it. 

In this 90 minutes, you’re going to learn:

  • A detailed breakdown of the sales principles Kat has used to to generate over $5 million in sales under 5 years
  • How to create an environment that makes someone WANT to buy, regardless of your price
  • A conversation catalyst that has helped a client book 3 $10,000 clients in 90 minutes. Hence, the name of this webinar.
  • A sales framework that will get people walking through your offer door like it’s long awaited christmas party
  • How to turn one buyer into 10 buyers with a conversion process no one else is teaching

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