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Warning If You Sell!

February 28, 2023 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 280
School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®
Warning If You Sell!
Show Notes

If you're listening to this, there's a chance that you're already making sales. Whether your sales are spotty month to month or you're fully supporting your family at this point, you've generated some form of revenue. 

When you're in sales, especially at the higher end, sometimes you may be wondering "IS THIS SUSTAINABLE?" How do you continue to grow your business while shouldering the burden alone? There's good news: you don't have to. When you find the right people on the same mission as you, you can build a sustainable business.  

In today's episode, we cover:

  • Uncovering level one in your business: generating revenue
  • Uncovering level two in your business: converting from selling to leading
  • Uncovering level three in your business: shifting from leading to building

Join us as Macy + Kat recap these three steps being implemented  at GUIDE Culture.

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