School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®

We're Burning the Business Down to the Ground and Starting Over

May 17, 2022 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 218
School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®
We're Burning the Business Down to the Ground and Starting Over
Show Notes

Macy here! Last week on Instagram, I shared how I feel like I'm living in a paralleled space as an entrepreneur - in a place where SO MUCH is working, paired with things that aren't working.

As a salesperson, it's difficult to focus on anything other than sales. And I believe that's how it should be most of the time, because there's really nothing else to focus on if sales aren't happening. There wouldn't be a business at all.

Because of that, I've always moved forward quickly and with purpose - always looking for the next opportunity, the next angle on the same message and new ways to get into more sales conversations.

If I'm being honest, GUIDE Culture has sort of been built by accident. Through the process of trial and error, seeing what sticks and what doesn't, the business has evolved. We've taken what's worked and continued moving forward.

And that's what has allowed us to grow so quickly, which has been great.

But it cannot stay there forever. It's time to take inventory and rebuild consciously. 

I'm calling this season our "reinvention" season.

When you reinvent, you don't tweak a few small things here and there. Instead, you burn things down and completely rebuild from a much better, much clearer and more advanced place.

Typically when I'm going through something like this, I wait to share until after I'm done going through it because I like to share lessons learned. 

But for this, I'm feeling pulled to share the journey.

So, in this episode we're getting vulnerable as I start to reveal what this this reinvention process is going to look like for us here at GUIDE Culture!


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