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Bonus Episode: Should You Add A Live Element To Your Course?

March 17, 2022 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day
GUIDE Culture® Podcast
Bonus Episode: Should You Add A Live Element To Your Course?
Show Notes

In this episode, Macy and Loy address a question that we recently received on Instagram from a GUIDE Culture Grad.

The grad asked, "do you see a higher completion rate in GUIDE Culture since there are coaches and lab?"

And that is a great question! If you aren't familiar with the structure of GUIDE Culture's Signature Training, we have that broken down HERE.

Basically, instead of buying the course and going through it on your own time, there is an accountability piece that we call labs.

Labs are where you come with your homework from the training session (which are dripped weekly versus given all at once) you perform with your lab group which is led by coaches and you receive immediate feedback.

With this, each cohort has a designated start and end date - something else you don't often see with online courses.

While we don't know the exact completion rate, we do know that students are much more likely to finish the entirety of the program solely because of the accountability piece and the clear structure of beginning and end.

Here at GC, we've also implemented a no student left behind policy that we firmly stand behind! During a cohort, if we notice that someone isn't showing up, our coaches check in and determine how to move forward so that the student experiences a winning outcome.

Cohort based courses have something special to them and in this episode we talk about just that.


  • Enrollment for GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN!

When you enroll by April 1st, you'll receive early access to Session 1 of your training, a pre-recorded lab to see what to expect when your cohort begins AND a Skill + Technique call with the GC team to put your new skills into action and fine-tune them before your cohort kicks off on April 29th!

Bonus Deadline - April 1, 2022
Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022
Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022

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