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'Launch' Debrief: $198,606 Without a Fancy Strategy

February 15, 2022 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 204
GUIDE Culture® Podcast
'Launch' Debrief: $198,606 Without a Fancy Strategy
Show Notes

A few weeks ago we SOLD OUT the seats for our 2022 Winter Cohort and the craziest part is that we sold out a week before close cart.

If you're familiar with online business, you probably know that there's typically a week of open cart - meaning the week that people can buy - and prior to that there's a launch runway.

The launch runway usually has a lot of mini events, such as challenges, bootcamps, small events, etc. to get people prepped for the big event which is usually a webinar, masterclass or something of that sort where the selling happens.

While we have definitely utilized all of these strategies in the past, something we realized is that each piece of the launch runway required a tonnnnn of energy and by the time we reached open cart week, quite honestly, people were tired. And so were we.

Because each piece of the runway is a sell - you have to sell people to join the Facebook group or sell them to join the Zoom call or sell them to register for the masterclass alllll before you even get the chance to sell them on your actual offer.

And while this strategy CAN and HAS worked, we decided that the way we sold in 2022 would be different - and what's crazy is that we're honestly practicing what we preach to so many of you. And that is selling ONE thing at all times - which is ultimately GUIDE Culture's Signature 8 Week Program.

In this episode, we share what we have started doing differently and our hope is that it gives you some encouragement to do your one thing and do it really well. There's power in putting all of your energy in one place ⚡️


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