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Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Sell?

December 13, 2022 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 260
School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®
Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Sell?
Show Notes

Our team spent 2 beautiful days last week prepping and getting ready for 2023. In this episode, Kat + Macy spend a few minutes unpacking what that looked like and the clarity our team gained around persuading for good in just a few short days. 

Within the last couple of weeks, Kat’s been receiving ads for Artificial Intelligence software that essentially claims to do the conversing for you in sales (she references it in last week’s episode with Megan Hansen here). This weekend, she tested the software from a consumer side, and the answer quite honestly surprised her. But did it change her point of view when it comes to replacing human conversations with AI conversations?

In this episode we cover:

  • Why persuasion has such a negative connotation
  • How persuading others for good is more than just a sales skill
  • Making persuasion a full heart process

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AI definition of how to persuade someone that Kat references in the podcast:
“To persuade someone, you need to present a clear and compelling argument that convince them to agree with you or take a specific course of action. This can be done through various methods, such as using evidence and logical reasoning to support your case, appealing to the person’s emotions, or highlighting the potential benefits of agreeing with you. It can also be helpful to address any potential objection or concerns the person may have, and to be open and reception to their perspective. Overall, the key to persuading someone is to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas in a way that is compelling and convincing.”