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Why Your Leads Are On The Fence (And How To Get Them Off)

November 16, 2021 Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day Episode 177
GUIDE Culture® Podcast
Why Your Leads Are On The Fence (And How To Get Them Off)
Show Notes

Have you ever felt like the industry you’re in is too saturated?

Maybe you feel like people look past you because there's plentyyyyyy of others that do the same thing.

Or maybe you feel like you’re blending in with others in your industry and think that your product itself will help you stand out.

Add the freebies, 1:1 calls, extra training, bonus videos, Facebook groups, Slack access - alllll of those things will help you stand out... right?!

If you have leads that are on the fences, chances are it's not because your product isn't right. It's likely that you're making this one common mistake and it's causing you to hit a wall.

In this episode, Macy and Kat break down why talking about your product itself isn't THE thing that will attract new people and set you a part among others that do the same thing as you.

And to make it even more tangible for you, they're coaching 5 people LIVE on this very topic.


Topic: Get People Curious
➡️ 1 hour workshop + coaching call with Macy + Kat
➡️ Tuesday, November 16th at 7:30pm ET (6:30pm CT / 5:30pm MT / 4:30pm PT)

5 people will be chosen to practice getting people curious about their offer.

For a chance to be chosen, fill out THIS FORM!

If you aren't chosen to be coached, don't worry - you’ll walk away knowing how to apply new skills to your own scenarios as well!

ANYONE CAN JOIN! Zoom link will be sent via email and posted on Instagram before we go live.